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Discover some timeless decorating trends that you can incorporate in your home

Every decade has its decorating clichés. This keeps on changing after a few years forcing Americans to keep on updating or renovating their rooms. If you want your home to keep on looking stylish even after a decade, you should include timeless decorating trends. Though most of the trends become outdated with time, classic design elements never lose their relevance.

Include a claw-foot tub in your bathroom. Claw-foot tubs are luxury items that have existed for centuries. Though this were common in the 18th century, they still exist up to today and can help your home stand out. Nowadays, claw-foot tabs are highly coveted and cost a fortune. Despite the price, investing in one can help you transform your space.

Fireplace designs are always considered stylish. A fireplace forms a perfect focal point in your living room. You can incorporate one for heating purposes or get a decorative one if you don’t need the extra heat. They can make your dining area or bedroom look luxurious. Even if you have an old fireplace, you can make it look better again by adding a few upgrades such as some paint around it or a new mantel.

Do you want to make a room stand out? Try mixing pieces of furniture from the present and past. Hand-made antiques are timeless, and they add a touch of craftsmanship to a room. Let My purely décor help you with this. Apart from replacing your hardware, you can consider reupholstering or repainting some of the pieces.

Though wall to wall carpets and wood floors were once trending, people no longer consider them as stylish as before. Area rugs, on the other hand, are timeless. Get correctly sized rugs that you can place at strategic places in your home. These can help you define the space and brighten up a small room. They add an element of colour on a dull space and provide a comfortable cushion for your legs.

Nowadays, the market is full of area rugs that come in different designs and patterns to decorate your home. You can choose deeply saturated colours to make areas such as your bedroom look beautiful and feel cosy. Painting different rooms is also another timeless trend that you should consider.

You, however, have to focus on the choice of colours you choose for your rooms. Not every colour paint can make a style statement in your home. For you to enjoy looking at your walls for a lifetime, you need to stick with neutral colours like gray, taupe, and off-white. These tend to match well with different accessories around the house, such as throw pillows.

Minimalist design can also make your home look different. When it comes to decorating your home, less is always more. Adding oversized mirrors on the walls of your home can also help you make small rooms look bigger. Consider replacing the conventional frame of an oversized mirror to enhance its aesthetic value.